NITC oil rigs and fields: maintenance, installation of machineries, pipe laying and
steel works.
• Shore tank fields fabrication: including civil engineering, steel work and
commissioning for heavy fuel and diesel oil purposes.
• Parts fabrication, using CNC machines and relevant machineries in our yard (i), full
equipped workshop.
• Installation and alignment of vessel shafting of different types, including load
test under supervision of classification societies.
• Repair of marine engine casing using ‘’Metalock’’ process and installing on
board for different type of vessels. This method reduces spare parts costs and
overcome low chance of un-availability of spare parts.
• Repair of B&W main engine block crack repair, using groove and strip process,
arresting crack and pressure test.
• Bunker line laying project in Qeshm Island approximately 16000 meters (high
capacity with 14’’, 16” and 18” inch diameter) with civil work, insulation and
protection according to international standards.
• Technical Management of 4 Tankers, superintendence, Repairs