Marine Services

1 Project Management 
Case Study
Procurement consultancy
2 Procurement 
Marine Engines, machineries and equipment 
Marine Spare parts 
Oil and gas field spare parts, loading equipment, metering systems, port facility
Offshore and onshore spares such as compressors, gen set and etc.
3 Ship repairs 
Hull repairs 
Propulsion system inspection and repairs 
Mechanical and electrical repairs and maintenance 
Deck machinery, firefighting systems, pumps and air conditioning system Main diesel engines, Auxiliary engines, pneumatic and hydraulic system    
Control systems repairs, maintenances 
4 Vessel conversion projects
Installation of machineries and equipment Fabrication of Accommodation
Electrical Cabling 
Installation of Switch board rooms. 
Decoration and Preparing living quarters 
Piping and Valves
Pumps and Electrical panels 
Vessel’s final stability calculation and Inclining test 
5 Ship Management 
Providing plan maintenances 
Technical superintendence 
Surveys and inspection 
6 Steel Fabrication 
Fabrication and installation including welding services, tanks, tables, supports, steel plate work, stands and etc. 
7 Other Services
Engineering services 
Mechanical services 
Marine Survey 
Technical Documentation 
Topside Modification & Repair Services
Oil Piping, Onshore and Offshore services